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Alpine Laser Dental – The Dental Filling Pro’s in Santa Fe and Los Alamos

Dental Fillings Santa Fe and Los Alamos NM

Alpine Laser Dental is the premier place in Santa Fe and Los Alamos for getting dental fillings. We’ve been doing dentistry and dental fillings since 1998, we do them well and we make sure that each patient is well taken care of each and every time.

Thanks to advancements in dentistry and preventive techniques like fluoridated drinking water, we’ve come a long way in the fight against cavities. Unfortunately, we have yet to completely win the war.

Cavities are one of the most common conditions affecting Americans—just behind the common cold! According to the CDC, just about every one of us will have a cavity at some point in our lives, even though we take great care of our teeth.

This is also one of the reasons why preventive visits are so important—even with excellent home care habits, your toothbrush and floss aren’t able to reach every nook and cranny. Routine visits allow us to catch problems like cavities in their earliest stages. This allows for simpler treatment and reduces the chances that you’ll experience any discomfort.

CariFree Bacterial Scanning for Cavities

One of the services we offer at Santa Fe, NM, and Los Alamos, NM, Alpine Laser Dental dental practice is cavity scanning using the CariFree system. Often, cavities that are just getting started aren’t visible to the naked eye. We want to catch cavities as early as possible so that we can provide simple, comfortable treatments.

CariFree allows us to perform a fast, painless test on your teeth and identify quantitative bacterial levels in your mouth. We can then focus treatment and nip these small problems in the bud, sometimes without the need for a filling!

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