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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting Santa Fe and Los Alamos NM – Alpine Laser Dental

Dental problems can be potentially extensive and then get worse on many levels when a person has missing teeth. Those problems include self-image issues due to obvious visual smile tooth gaps, issues with not being able to eat certain favorite foods and finally there are harmful periodontal bone health issues.

Periodontal Bone is Critical to Good Dental Health

Teeth are held in place by the bone below the gums of the teeth. Additionally, periodontal bone is a major component of a person’s face structure. The jaw bone stops doing what it does naturally, which is the job of hold a person’s teeth in place and maintaining the body’s facial structure, when a tooth is lost. Once a person’s tooth falls out it causes several problems. First, the teeth next to the tooth that is lost begin to become loose due to bone loss. Little by little the adjacent teeth will begin to fall out as well. Next, as bone loss continues a person’s face will start looking more and more sunken in.

How to Stop Periodontal Bone Loss Due to Tooth Loss

Bone loss can be stopped immediately by getting dental implants. By getting a dental implant when a tooth is lost several positive things happen including the implant post working as a root replacement when it combines with the periodontal bone which in turn promotes ongoing bone stability and health.

If left unattended to after a tooth is lost the bone will erode which eventually will lead to it not being sufficient for a dental implant. This issue can be resolved by completing a bone graft procedure. A bone graft is done by doing surgery placing replacement bone and including a protein matrix that enhances integration in the spot where the tooth was lost. When the new bone successfully combines with the existing bone a new dental implant is placed. Implants are used as a structure for dentures, bridges and single crowns. Bone grafts solve problems that in the past would not have solutions.

Bone Graft Solutions in Santa Fe – Learn More

Alpine Laser Dental have performed hundreds of bone grafts. If bone is not there to support a dental implant in most instances a successful bone graft will turn things around, making it a viable option. Find out if a bone graft will work to solve your dental issues by scheduling a meeting with Dr. Brookover today. They will do complete a dental examination including digital x-rays, talk with you about your dental picture to determine if a bone graft is right for you.


Alpine Laser Dental is excited to provide the best technological options available today to its patients for wide selection of dental needs. The bottom line is that is that most dental problems have a viable solution and is very smart to come in get your dental issues addressed. To get started call 505-982.6626 in Santa Fe, NM, and 505-662-3503 in Los Alamos today and schedule your bone graft consultation with Dr. Brookover