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Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry Santa Fe and Los Alamos NM

Alpine Laser Dental specializes in holistic dentistry in its two offices, Santa Fe and Los Alamos. Holistic dentistry today is a widening field, with new advance scientific developments becoming available on continuous basis. We are fully aware of this fact and we focus strong efforts on being at the forefront of holistic dentistry technology and new holistic knowledge facts and developments as they become available and when they are reported. The more we know the better holistic dentistry practice we provide you, our patient.

Holistic Dentistry Available Health Tests

Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing

The service offered by Clifford Consulting and Research focuses on screening for systemic reactions to dental related materials. The dental materials panel includes a wide range of materials divided into multiple categories used in treating your mouth such as fillings, crowns, implants, and orthodontics. The test we have done is a blood based screening test evaluating a patient’s systemic sensitivity to 94 chemical groups. The dental screening panel correlates these systemic sensitivities to formularies of more than 16,774 products listed by trade name and manufacturer and divided into 36 categories. To learn what dental materials are scanned in a Clifford Dental Materials Screening Panel click here. Please speak to the staff at Alpine Laser to learn more.

DNA Connexions Targeted Genetic Testing

DNA Connexions performs targeted genetic testing to identify inherent conditions and foreign DNA and provide necessary information to Alpine Laser Dental for treatment.

Full View Testing

The Full View Test identifies bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites in removed teeth, blood, tissue, implants, bone grafts or other biological samples. It tests for 88 different pathogens, including tetanus, botulism, diphtheria, HPV 16 and HPV 18, Candida albicans and more. Using PCR, one of the most advanced tools in molecular biology today, specificity of this test is one in a trillion or greater and the sensitivity of the test is the ability to detect the DNA of between 1 and 10 microbes.

Holistic Dentistry Health and Wellness Santa Fe NM

The Sugar Myth

The myth about sugar is that it is the cause of tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by acids from bacteria. When carbohydrates from foods like refined sugar, vegetables, fruits and grains combine with saliva they often result in plaque formation. Plaque build-up can lead to tooth decay.  Sugar, in and of itself, is not the cause of tooth decay.

Mercury Free Dentistry

Alpine Laser Dental is dedicated in minimizing exposure to potentially toxic materials. Our office uses only non-amalgam products for restoring teeth.

 Fluoride-Free Water

Alpine Laser Dental is strong advocate of fluoride-free water and fluoride free dental products including toothpaste.

The human body requires fluoride in small amounts. Conversely when taken in high levels, particularly public water supply drinking water, it is known to cause health problems in certain segments of the population. Fluoride has been included in the public water supply for decades because of its reported oral health benefits. However, when consumed in large amounts fluoride has been proven to be the cause of gastrointestinal issues and problems with bone formation.

 Air Purification Treatment

Alpine Laser Dental utilizes the RGF Environmental CAPS Mini – Commercial Air Purification System, the most versatile option for treating and improving indoor air quality in dental offices. The CAPS Mini utilizes RGF’s patented Photohydroionization® Cell (PHI-Cell®) technology which produces hydro-peroxides, super oxide ions, hydroxide ions.


Alpine Laser Dental and Dr. Curtis Brookover are committed to providing the latest technologies and most effective techniques, with an emphasis on minimally invasive care, for our patients’ optimal oral health. We believe in finding and presenting pain-free alternatives to conventional dental care.

In the past, the only way to treat cavities was with the uncomfortable process of drilling out the decay and filling the cavity. Ozone therapy treats cavities with more accuracy and without pain for the patient. Used in conjunction with DIAGNOdent™, we can identify cavities before they are visible to the eye, and then treat or even reverse them.

DIAGNOdent™ laser technology scans the enamel of the teeth and finds signs of early decay. Because cavities are actually bacterial infections that, when combined with the acid produced by food particles, eat away at the tooth structure, ozone therapy kills the bacteria and begins a regeneration process with the enamel.

Ozone therapy reduces the need for antibiotics or other medications while encouraging blood flow and stimulating the healing process, without worry about drug interactions, allergies or pharmaceutical side effects.

Laser Dentistry

Introducing Laser Dentistry in Santa Fe and Los Alamos New Mexico! While you might think that the traditional “drill” is the only tool a dentist uses to remove decay and restore teeth, the advanced technology of a laser has the advantage of being more accurate, minimally invasive and produces very little noise!

Waterlase™ uses air, water and energy to accomplish routine dental procedures quickly, comfortably and efficiently. It is safe for all ages and because the water is the “working component”, there is little if any discomfort. In fact, many of our patients opt out of “shots” or numbing with Waterlase™!

Ezlase™ is laser technology for softer tissues. We utilize this laser for the non-surgical treatment of gum disease and for cosmetic correction of the gum line when we are building a beautiful smile!

DIAGNOdent™ laser technology allows us to detect decay before it is visible in the teeth. During a routine checkup, Alpine Laser Dental can “scan” the teeth for areas of early decay that are not visible. Having an early detection device allows us to start enamel regeneration if possible before a cavity actually appears or if the tooth must be repaired, the restoration will be significantly smaller. This laser truly makes it possible for “minimally invasive” dentistry.

Thermography Dental Health Screening

Thermal imaging has been in dentistry since the 1970’s. A thermography camera picks up infrared heat emissions and displays the result in a colored picture where each color represents a certain temperature. Thermal imaging is an effective, radiation-free way to examine oral health issues and pain conditions. A healthy jaw will have even heat patterns throughout, while inflammation or infection will appear in higher temperatures on a thermal image. Dental thermography can more accurately identify facial pain, reducing unnecessary root canal treatments or extractions and other invasive treatments.

Alpine Laser Dental recommends the use of Medical Thermography in monitoring control in the inflammation process into oral cavity and reaction of the regional lymphatic nodes, maxillary joint disease and other chronic diseases of the bones, nerves, located in the maxilla facial area. Medical Thermography can also measure temperature changes in the application of new methods and dental materials application.

Alpine Laser Dental is committed to be the most knowledgeable and well versed dental practice offering holistic dentistry.  Contact Alpine Laser Dental today at 505-982-6426 in Santa Fe or at 505-662-4503 in Los Alamos to learn more about ozone therapy and our extensive menu of holistic, biological, restorative, and laser dentistry