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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal Santa Fe and Los Alamos NM

Wisdom teeth, also knowns as third molars, are the permanent teeth that are the last set to come in to a person’s mouth. Fact is wisdom teeth are really not needed necessarily and these teeth can cause health problems. Alpine Laser Dental offers wisdom teeth removal. Dental problems caused by wisdom teeth are as follows:

  • Small jaw health issues crop up when wisdom teeth come in and there is not enough room to hold the current teeth and the new set. Existing teeth get pushed around by the new teeth caused jaw pain and bite alignment issues.
  • Wisdom teeth stay under gum level never coming up and are often out of position or push out of gums in different directions. The new teeth, despite never coming in, can cause root issues for other existing teeth, pushing them out of position.
  • Small jaws that don’t allow wisdom teeth to come in regularly can bring about jaw and gum pain and swelling. Additionally, gum disease risk jumps up when wisdom teeth don’t come in.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Solution – Oral Surgery

The top solution to wisdom teeth problems is to perform surgery to take them out. Basic tooth extraction is done if the wisdom teeth is all the way up and completed gum eruption. However, impacted tooth extraction technique is employed if the gum eruption has not come about.

Removing an impacted wisdom tooth technique is determined by the roots connecting it in the socket and where it is under the gums. When an impacted tooth is being extracted quite often both anesthesia used in the affected area and sedation of a patient is required.

To gain entry to the bone tissue a gum tissue flap is made. From there a small hole is created in the bone of the tooth that is impacted. Next the tooth is sectioned, which means it is cut up in to small pieces and taken out through the small hole. Finally, the gum tissue flap that was created earlier is put back into position and sewn back in place with sutures.

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